Federation Declares War on Cobra

The FNS Typhoon launching a Gopher anti-bunker missile against Cobra targets.
The FNS Typhoon launching a Gopher anti-bunker missile against Cobra targets.

Legopolis: The Federation of Legopolis has officially declared war on Cobra, citing their recent attack in Williams City that injured a Federation minifig. News of the declaration of war was made public this evening in a press conference by Chief Minister Fredrick Dover of the Department of Foreign Affairs. In the announcement, Chief Minister Dover made it clear that the attack “could only have come from Cobra” and that “we will not sit idly by as our minifigs become victims in a conflict we had no desire to join.”

Immediately following news of the declaration of war, Chief Chairfig Councilfig of the Federation Council A. Smith, the Federation’s head of state, issued a brief speech via radio for all to hear. “In this grave period, I speak to you, minifigs of the Federation, to inform you of a great injustice that has been carried out against our glorious homeland… In Williams City, PBR, one of your comrades, a fellow Federation minifig, became the innocent target of a Cobra attack. Despite our continued requests for peace and a desire to remain removed from their warmongering, Cobra deliberately targeted a Federation minifig… Those who would threaten us, would slaughter our innocent minifigures will find their selves on the losing side of history. For we stand united, one nation, one Federation… And just as our forefathers made their immortal contributions in defense of our victorious homeland, now Providence calls upon us to bear the burden. And when the immortal history remembers these days, this nation, and this generation, our deeds of heroism and valor shall be recorded in our nation’s, the Federation’s, immortal history. ”

Following up on these strong words, the Department of War confirmed that Thunderbolt Strike-Fighters and the FNS Typhoon carried out multiple attacks against Cobra. Initial reports suggest that airfields and various missile batteries had been struck, potentially clearing the path for additional strikes and more aggressive action. It does not appear that Cobra forces in Sierra Gordo, where Cobra is fighting against the PBR, were targeted.

Although the government has massive public support, some minifigs quietly questioned the decision to go to war. In various anonymous internet postings and pamphlets, some minifigs claim that war is an overreaction for what could have been an innocent mistake. “No one can even point to Cobra as the aggressor with absolute certainty… there are multiple combatants that might have injured this fig, yet the gov’t chose the one that makes a convenient scapegoat” claimed one internet user. Another asked if the Federation’s response is proportional. “Minifigs get mugged every day in our cities, murders aren’t exactly unheard of, yet we never mobilize a nation for these issues… why should we risk getting entangled in a civil war, getting our figs killed in battle, just over the scrapes and bruises of one guy?” questioned one widely distributed pamphlet in Legopolis.


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