PBR, Federation Sign Historic Treaty

Chancellor Briks (right) with an unidentified Federation official celebrate the signing of a treaty between the two nations.
Chancellor Briks (right) with an unidentified Federation official celebrate the signing of a treaty between the two nations.

Legopolis: The Federation of Legopolis and PBR have signed a historic treaty just as Chancellor Briks prepares to leave the capitol and travel to other parts of the Federation. According to experts close to the situation, the treaty focuses mostly on reducing regulation and restrictions between commerce and travel between the two nations. The hope is that these restrictions will allow each nation to benefit from their counterpart’s area of expertise, lowering the price for goods while helping both nations’ economies to grow.

Leaders of both nations embraced the treaty as a monumental step forward. Chief Minister Fredrick Dover of the Department of Foreign Affairs praised the Federation Council for “acknowledging and considering the input from my department when signing this monumental and mutually beneficial treaty.” Chief Minister Dover further claimed that not only will this lead to lower food prices throughout the Federation, but that it will also signal that increased cooperation and diplomacy are effective methods to grow a nation’s influence and economy. “We [the PRB and Federation] could have been at each other’s throats as competitors, but instead we’re using our respective strengths to help the other,” Chief Minister Dover said.

A similar feeling was felt by the PBR. Chancellor Briks did not publicly comment on the issue, but sources say that he was thrilled at the opportunity to sign the treaty on behalf of the PBR. These sources further claim that Chancellor Briks stated his hope for future treaties to continue strengthening the relationship between the two nations. PBR President King expressed a similar sentiment, and further said that he hopes this treaty will “send a proper message to the Empire of Legoland that its isolationist attitude towards the Lego world will lessen their influence.”

The exact economic impact of the treaty remains uncertain. Many hope that lower food prices will leave consumers with extra disposable income, but some remain concerned that this extra spending will be offset by the fact that much of the food revenue will go to PBR companies. In addition, the banking industry, which will have access to the PBR for the first time, will most likely only serve Federation tourists and large scale financial transactions while the average PBR fig will stick with their local banks. Nonetheless, many experts see hope in the industrial sector since the rapidly growing PBR now has access to the Federation’s industrial might. Even then, some concerns remain that, until industrial capacity can increase, prices will rise as purchasers in the Federation have to compete with those in the PBR.

Many pro-democracy movements in the Federation view the most important aspect of the treaty as being the ease with which tourists will be able to travel to the PBR. They hope that travelers to the largely democratic PBR will be inspired by the government they encounter there and will influence change back in the Federation. In addition, they hope that it could allow and opportunity for political refugees to flee. Government Building addressed these concerns by stating that figs would still need authorization from the Federation before traveling, and that their close friendship with the PBR will prevent “radicals from abusing our system to disrupt the rightful ruling party.”


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