Government Confirms Intervention In PBR

The only known picture featuring the Typhoon shows Admiral Smith with some of the ship's crew
The only known picture featuring the Typhoon shows Admiral Smith with some of the ship’s crew

Carson Naval Docks: In a rare press conference, Admiral Smith confirmed that the FNS Typhoon was indeed assisting the FBA in the ongoing civil war devastating the People’s Brikpublic. Exact details were unavailable, but he did imply that navy is using this as an opportunity to test the ship’s capabilities and construction before its official christening ceremony.

While the highly anticipated ship’s weapons systems have not been fully used, the PBR conflict has shown that the Typhoon is capable of carrying and launching the devastating Stinger Cruise Missile, is equipped with anti-air and anti-missile technology, and appears to have a modern medical facility onboard capable of treating all injuries or stabilizing patients before they can be further moved.

The move is seen as a part on the government of the Federation to secure international allies while projecting its power abroad. This has been met with resistance by pacifist isolationists. Many of the isolationist figs believe that the warship should be brought home and that the best way to secure peace is through discussions. “If the PBR and FBA sat down and understood their differences, we wouldn’t have this issue,” stated Ms. Pax.

Additional critics can be found in those who support its use in Ancarta. They claim that rebels are continuing to fight on and that these missiles would help make up for the nonexistent air force of the Federation. “If the missiles need to be tested, if the ship is ready for war, why not use it crushing the rebel scum?” asked John Hills, a displaced fig from Imperia.


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